Alexander Sobotta



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First it was just an object, a camera, now I can't get my hands of it. Everyday I want to know and learn more about the art of photography.
When I graduated I saw a poster on the streets, it pictured a Camera. This poster made me realize that I wanted to study photography. Now I try to capture fascinating personalities, special moments and the beauty of cities and nature.

Throughout my studies I have met so many wonderful people, my passion has opened doors to worlds, I would never have thought of. I met boxer, bodybuilder, actors and the men next door. All of those people had incredible stories to tell.

Today I am trying to take my photography skills to another level.
Light is one of the most important things when it comes to great pictures. It can lighten up a face or give it the special edge. When I try to get the perfect picture, I want the picture that shows a persons 'real' face, not the mask we wear every day to fit into society, but the person we are behind all those walls and barriers we built up over the years. For me that's the perfect picture.