Christian Kasper


advertising | lifestyle | people | portrait

I really like people. I like to see how they carry their feelings and ideas into the world. With my photography I want to capture such unaffected and intense moments and make them accessible to others.

This can only happen by meeting each other on eye level. Both with the people in front of the camera and behind it. I am a fan of real teamwork. When all participants have that team confidence they can contribute their best skills and have fun at the same time. These are the best conditions for an extraordinary result.

At the beginning and end of every project are my clients. Understanding their goals and then translate them into gripping photos challenges me and makes me happy at the same time. At the end of a job I want to experience the enthusiasm of my client. I won't go home before that.

My base is in Munich and I enjoy working in my home area. Equally, I love to travel and shoot all around the globe, getting influenced by foreign locations and people and incorporating all that with great intensity into my work.