Frank van Groen


people | portrait | landscape

Frank is specialized in people photography with main emphasis on Corporate Photography, Employer Branding Campaigns and Customer & Life Style Magazines. Cause of his open minded & friendly personality he creates an easy and natural atmosphere for the persons he is going to photograph, so that the people work easily with him on a good result. Because of a lot Employer Branding Campaigns with real employees he shot during the last years, he got a lot of experience in dealing many different personalities mostly in a short time.
Frank also has a main focus on landscape photography. He produced and published three times in a row a calender called "auenblicke" in the years of 2008 - 2010. It had been a local personal project with great impressions of a little meadowland in the south of düsseldorf, where he raised up.
Furthermore in 2015 Frank and his wife Hanne produced a photobook called "NORWAY. Landscapes. A photographic portrait". It was successfull published by Seltmann & Söhne Verlag and sold out in between 8 month. Frank & his wife Hanne have a litte gallery in Düsseldorf since 2016, where they show and sell their big formated landscape pictures in limited editions.

Frank is a professional member of the BFF - Berufsverband Freie Fotografen & Filmgestalter e.V.
and he is a member of lookphotos.
Frank also is listed at Production Paradise and Blickfang - Deutschlands beste Fotografen