Tom Schlegel


+49 174 92 22 085

sports | people | portrait | reportage | commercial | catalogue

Who am I?

Hey,  my name is Tom Schlegel. I'm based in Bonn and Cologne.

I was a national class runner and marketer for Runners Point & Foot Locker, when I started to feel my passion for photography. At one point I made a cut and decided to go all'in. After two years building up my business from Moldova, I'm back in Germany since August 2019. 

My photography style tends to be a bit darker, rougher and always searching for emotions. My photography direction lies in between people, portraits, events, sports.

I'm always open for projects and ideas. So, don't be shy to ask me if you have an idea to work on. ​​​​​​​

For sure I’m happy if you like what you see, contact me and of course book me. 

I’m open for offerings worldwide.

Your's Tom